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"By trusting Christ with our future, we can better deal with with our past and live a more productive present... My purpose in writing 57 jobs and counting was to share my less than traveled  adventure / journey in the workplace and help those who may be hurting in their career or looking for direction, meaning  or purpose for work and their future...It is unhealthy to harbour unrealistic dreams living in a future that will never come about. But is is very healthy for us to anchor our new life and recovery from jobs, relationships  that went sideways in the certainty that Christ is coming again. The best laid plans for careers  sometimes don't always work out but your faith is everlasting ... I  hope that this book will help you discover your passion and find joy and happiness in your chosen employment or career. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all through the journey. Amen ! 

"JB" Griffin, Writer/Publisher
57 Jobs and Counting a career path less traveled and guide to finding your passion      

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My book 57 jobs & Counting is now available to read online . Hopefully the book will give the reader career choice insights, a little advise and tips to help guide your career and find your passion. the book also includes the good, bad and ugly of my crazy career and some humor in my career path less traveled.. Total 75 jobs some for a NY minute i'm sure its far from a World Record .. 
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57 Jobs and Counting   

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