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Exec-On-Call Project Team Structure

Exec-On-Call responds to those instances when a project does not fit in with any of the company's functional areas. Exec-On-Call acts as  Independent Project Manager and  functions with independence remaining loyal to the organization's overall strategic goals and objectives. Exec-On-Call is contracted by Business owners and stakeholders to fulfill a certain objective. Our services are completed after delivery of a project.

Partner with Exec-On-Call as a Business Analyst  

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​​Exec-on Call  a service of JBGmg

Costs out of whack.. sales up and down ...  Call Exec-On-Call to help Analyze and find  (KPIs) Key performance indicators in your business  

Specialties: quickBIZplans, Sales Management, Marketing,  Business Analysis, Project Management, Events, Team Building, Observation and Monitoring.   

We help improve  businesses  through need based projects and process change. 

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 A well know business axiom states

"You can't manage what you can't measure" 

Exec-on-Call dba JBGmg works as liason with Business Owners to understand the structure, policies and operations of an organization and helps identify areas where  improvement is  needed. Exec-On-Call is project focused and is hired  for specific projects that enable the organization to achieve its goals. Exec-on-Call founder JBGmg has years of  business experience in a multitude of businesses, Exec-on Call  works with independent experts as needed to bring the right solution to the business owner to keep the business on track.   

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Why Exec-On-Call  

  • no empty promises
  • affordable fees 
  • experience 
  • innovatitive, ideas and solutions to grow your business
  • strategies that fit your business plan and goals
  • projects relevant to our client’s particular issue 
  • prioritize responsibilities 
  • clients interests always first 
  • do not believe in firing employees to cut costs
  • no retainer fees 
  • work with pre-screened partners in legal, tax and industry specialists with knowledge and wisdom in specific industries 
  • qualified to provide accurate truthful information 
  •  relavant solutions to your business 
  •  give you more than analysis reports 
  • all work is custom work ( No Templates) 
  • accurate billing  
  • deliver what we promise 
  • quality work, on time, on budget 
  • responsive 
  • work with small businesses
  • answer all questions, available evenings, weekends as needed 
  • clarity of deliverables 
  • customized  specific research reports to your business
  • Confidentially protected at all times

"We help businesses succeed one day at a time" -
"JB" Griffin Exec-on Call Founder    

Real  Estate , Property Management, Golf  & More!