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"JB" Griff's Sports  

​We Love Sports 

As a kid growing up my passion was Sports.  Golf, Football, Basketball & Baseball.. We played sports year round growing up in So Cal.. 

Spent most of my youth practicing,  playing,  or watching sports and collected baseball cards. in the 80's I was a partner in developing Roll-um Baseball a game which we sold across the USA.
 I started  "JB" Griff's Sports dba JBGmg  because of my lifetime passion for sports...
Currently in the works for opening up a "Sports bar" or who knows maybe be a play by play announcer, sportscaster or writer.. If your hiring give me a call ... or email 

As I was taught always keep your eye on the ball.......... to be continued 


Nope Don't own Griff's BBQ & Grill 
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"JB" on right pictured with Golf Legend Fuzzy Zoeller 

Griffin Golf Invites you to sign up for our 2019 Bobby Griffin Memorial Golf Tournament on 


  • On call Sports Reporter
  • On call Sports Information Services
  • On call Sports Photographer
  • On call Game Management Services