Let me introduce you to Ralph Johnson. I met Ralph on Thanksgiving Day 2017. Ralph was parked in his car on the greenbelt in Sunset Beach, CA. Ralph was standing by his   car ( pictured) with all of his earthly possessions.  I approached Ralph and gave Ralph a $20 gift including my Book 57 Jobs and Counting as a Gift to Ralph. Ralph I found out  is a native of Long Beach,  California,  is 58 years old , has worked at many jobs and is a Military veteran having served in the US Army for nine years.  I am hoping to help raise additional  funds for Ralph to help him get a motel  or to be able to afford temporary housing for the holidays. In addition to my small donation to help Ralph  we exchanged phone numbers.  Please consider donating any small amount to  help Ralph enjoy the  Holidays, afford a  roof over his head. Our Goal is to raise $1000 on Ralph's behalf.    If you would like more information please call JBGmg at 562.677.7452 . God Bless and thank you.   

Helping the Homeless -  Ralph Johnson