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So Cal Transportation Initiative 

Join us Petition to Make So Cal Bearable again 

Growing up in So Cal in the 50's 60's we had roughly 2 million Residents  in the five county area of So Cal. getting from Newport to Pasadena,  Newhall to Hollywood or Riverside to Los Angeles was never more than an Hour. Today with 25 million people living in the five county area of So Cal traffic times and jams have became almost to the point of unbearable. 1 hour normal commutes now take 2 hours.  We have a solution to issue 2 sets of license plates for all so Cal Licensed Drivers which restricts their driving from to alternate days work assigned days .. This 2 plate system will cut traffic in half and make driving around So Cal what it once was. This is a thumbnail sketch of  solution we are hoping to become a reality to make driving in So Cal with out delays a reality with out proposed initiative. 

"JB" Griffin, So Cal Resident 

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