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1) Moderation in all things  

2) Enjoy a Donut it won't kill you 

3) Be nice to Animals, People and Look both ways before you cross the street 

4) Give up your life to a higher power its much easier to be a co- pilot and let your Pilot direct your paths 

5) Work is a means to an end and not the end 

6) Change is good, Everyday give thanks and live one day at a time. 

7) Find things you enjoy and pursue those activities  

8) Make Friends wherever you are, Starbucks, Donut Shop, Restaurant, Church, Train, Plane it don't matter...  

9) If you Golf be sure to keep a positive attitude and have a sense of humor ....its just a game and form of recreation and remember "one shot at a time"    

10) Dont let negative thoughts get in the way of pursuing your dreams ...  Weight and Health Management System for Life !  published by JBGmg 

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Starting his career in printing Sales in 1977 at his Father's Commercial Printing Company in Los Angeles , "JB"  Griffin founder of JBGmg has had many mentors over the years  from his Dad who said "Go get um Tiger" to the many others along the way who have motivated and inspired "JB" to succeed and live life to the fullest ... the following success tips were adapted from the book "Together We Build"  the life story about one  of JB's favorite mentors Wallace E. Johnson, Co Founder of the  Holiday Inns who inspired "JB" through his books "Work is my play" and "Together we Build".     

1) Have a burning desire 

2) Positive Mental Attitudes  

3) High Goal Setting  

4) Thinking and Planning time

5) Self Discipline -  as Irwin Paris preached in the 70's  Discipline is the the key to Super Fitness and Success 

6) Initiative  - Dont be afraid to fail / Ask for the order/job or whatever you are pursuing

7) Enthusiasm 

8) Controlled Attention 

9) Creative Imagination  - Think Outside the Box

10) Budgeting of Time & Money 

11) Manintaining good physical and mental health 

12) Selection of mastermind group to work in harmony to help you achieve your objectives 

13) Teamwork with Partners /Associates

14) Ability to turn adversities into seeds of equivalent or greater benfits 

15) Willingness to go the extra mile 

16) Faith your unseen Silent Partner to ccommunicate with on a daily basis who will help you direct your paths      

A  Few "JB"  Success Tips 

Success Tips