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Tips for Weight Management Success

  • Eating needs to become a conscious choice rather than an automatic reflex
  • Think before you eat - ask yourself if you are really hungry or eating for some other reason...
  • Use a trimcards as your Daily Food Diary  - trimcards will help you identify the habits and behaviors that lead you to overeat or make poor food choices
  • Look at why you are eating as well as what you are eating
  • Keeping a daily diary trimcards will keep you on track while you are changing your diet for losing weight, weight management and feeling your best one day at a time   

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We all know most diets FAIL....They are temporary, inconvenient, restictive and deprive your body of nutrients and calories needed for energy  

trimcards will help you 

  • Stop the Roller- Coaster...  Quit the fad diets
  • get out of the 95% of those who diet lose weight and put the weight back on.
  • avoid high calorie foods and habits that led you to gain weight
  • will help you understand that a successful weight loss/management program means you need to stop dieting and make the commitment to changing the kinds of foods you eat and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle that fits your interests and needs .. Walking 15-30 minutes is a day is all you need the key is to move the body..  

trimcards   Weight & Health Management System for Life!